About the Art

Aaron Pyne has been creating digital art since 2003. He creates each piece over many hours using artistic images, photo editing software and his photographs. Aaron was “self-taught” on how to create art using this software and calls upon intuitive guidance to create his visionary style of art. In meditation and in dreams, Aaron receives spiritual messages and images as well as guidance on how to turn these insights into tangible works of art. Once a piece reaches completion, Aaron receives an enlightened description to accompany each image.

Aaron taps into our collective consciousness in creating his art. It is not uncommon for viewers to express that they’ve seen similar images in their own meditations or healing work, or for the imagery to resonate deep within them. Aaron hopes to bring solidarity to our shared spiritual connection through his work and to give us an experience of our divine nature. Aaron’s work can be experienced in his online galleries and in conscious community events worldwide.

When asked, “What does this mean?”

“Within the individual viewer’s moment of perception (of the art), is the potential to reflect within them that which the art might invite into their consciousness for the evolution of their being.”
– Aaron Pyne