Business Consultations

Are you ready to bring forth your full potential?

  • Ready to launch your spiritual or holistic business but not sure where to get started?
  • Know you want a website but have no idea what to put on it?
  • Want to promote your work to lots of people but feeling overwhelmed by the task?
  • Having trouble grounding your work into a way that you can express & present it and share it with others?

The Session

In a Business Activation Consultation Aaron will discuss with you your vision, goals, concerns, and budgets. Aaron will then use his business, technology and marketing expertise, combined with his intuitive abilities to help you gain clarity and a deep understanding of how to best launch your work to the world. Aaron’s visionary abilities allow him to access the deep energies behind your intentions and guide you into harnessing the power within and around you. The session may include some guided meditation and envisioning to help clarify and direct your purpose.

Aaron Michael Pyne has been assisting new conscious entrepreneurs (healers, teachers, authors, musicians,crafters, etc.) begin their business for over 10 years. He is an expert in the structures, systems, and information a business needs to get together to promote itself, start finding clientele and begin to turn a profit and thrive. Aaron will guide you with proven and effective business development, marketing and growth techniques – including content writing, designing, online marketing, search engine optimization, Youtube videos, print advertising, social networking, Google Adwords, and help you make the best plan to get your business activated and reaching the people that could benefit from your offering.

Consultation discussions may include:

  • Content outline guidance (further content writing/proofing services available separately)
  • Website design/system guidance
  • Online marketing strategy & avenues guidance
  • Meditations & energy clearing to help get clear and strong in purpose
  • Social network marketing guidance
  • Online commerce guidance
  • Creative design guidance
  • Information on online financial resources to help start your project

Ready to bring forth your full potential?

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